Global Woman Summit

 3-4 June, Global Woman Summit 2017 – Plaza Hotel – Tirana, Albania

A unique 2-day summer event of thought provoking talks, enlightenment, new knowledge, inspiration, and networking, which will empower you financially and spiritually. A rewarding weekend, personally and professionally, that will boost your wellbeing, wealth, and relationships, and to realise your dreams and desires, achieve higher success in your career or business and fulfill your potential in life.

Together we will be empowered to grow momentum for gaining equality of opportunity without limits, and build on our networks for future fruitful collaborations.

Why you should attend Global Woman Summit:


Hear from our inspiring leaders and their diverse success stories that will motivate and change your perception and your life aims.


Grow your knowledge with an opportunity to ask speakers your questions and mix with like-minded individuals and share your stories, and take yourself to the next level.


Join successful business owners, entrepreneurs and those interested in personal development and people you want to connect with to push your boundaries and human potential.

Be among a select group of like-minded people, entrepreneurial, aspirational and spiritual.

3 Primary connected themes at the Summit

BE INSPIRED by motivational speakers, well respected in their fields, covering a range of topics and delivering high quality and valuable content.  BE EMPOWERED as part of a movement that is a new paradigm for changing the world


  • How to get in touch with your spiritual core self and awaken your spiritual potential.

  • How to incorporate your “spiritual self” into everything you do so that spirituality is something that you live and breathe every day.

  • How to develop your inner spiritual awareness and “spiritual senses” so that they work for your vision and goals in your personal and professional life.

  • How to understand the principles of “planetary consciousness” and “connectedness” and how this knowledge can empower you to achieve what you desire.

  • How to spiritually integrate a number of key principles that will give you a profound “holistic worldview”, including the principles of concentration, memory, energy, healing and divinity.


  • How to set achievable goals for generating income that will pay for your lifestyle desires, give you financial freedom, and give something back in this world for the greater good.

  • Be the CEO of your life and put your plans into action to make it all happen.

  • Using business to change lives for the better – profit with a purpose.

  • Understand the attributes of a financially successful entrepreneur with a sustainable business model.

  • Discover how to navigate your way through the challenges, pitfalls to avoid and managing cash-flow.

  • How to source and be successful in acquiring funding and how to ethically make full use of resources at little or no cost that has a mutual benefit.


  • How to keep your mind healthy, positive and focused, and relieve or prevent stress.

  • How to use more of your mental product to achieve far more than you ever thought possible.

  • Realising the power of your own clean energy as a force for a higher level of socially responsible achievement.

  • Understanding the science of how your well-being impacts on your personal, spiritual and professional life.



Exclusive & Exciting Opportunity

GLOBAL WOMAN SUMMIT 2017 is brought to you by Global Woman Summit.

If you wish to be inspired and motivated by stories and knowledge from successful people, or want to connect or network with like-minded, positive people, and be empowered to live the life and achieve or exceed everything you have ever desired or imagined, this unique summit is where you need to be on 3-4 June 2017.

The Venue

 3-4 June, Global Woman Summit 2017 – Plaza Hotel – Tirana, Albania, which promises to be an exciting setting for the 2-day summit. Every person attending will be inspired by our speakers in a place that is professional and convenient to find.

Plaza Hotel - Tirana, Albania

Plaza Hotel - Tirana, Albania

Plaza Hotel - Tirana, Albania

Where to find the Plaza Hotel – Tirana, Albania


 3-4 June, Global Woman Summit 2017 – Plaza Hotel – Tirana, Albania.



Gold VIP – 2 Days
150.00 Euros

Reserved Seating at the Front with the Speakers

Tea/Coffee with Danish pastries and biscuits on arrival and morning and afternoon

Delicious Hot Lunch in VIP area with the Speakers and other Special VIPs

Iced water throughout day

Global Woman Magazine Summit Special Issue

Signed Copy of Book from a Speaker

Gift Bag with Feel Good Treats

150 Euros

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Standard – 2 Days
50.00 Euros


Iced water throughout day

Table Sweets

(Tea / coffee and lunch NOT included)

50 Euros

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