Alma Topalli – Founder of “Ray of Hope” – Albania

Alma Topalli – Founder of “Ray of Hope” – Albania


Alma Topalli was born in Shkodra, a marvellously beautiful city in northern Albania. She was the first born child in her family, full of passion and love. Her intellectual and religious family has inspired her since an early age the trust in real values, such are the sincere love and respect for people and nature. Alma graduated at the Filologjic faculty for Albanian language and literature; and Italian language. Later she completed a scientific masters degree in Public Administration.

Alma emigrated to Italy twice. She returned home in 2002 and has worked as a secretary for the Diocesan Caritas and has taught the Albanian language to the clerk of Sapa Diocesan . Later, Alma started working as a teacher at the high school of her birthplace, where she still works! Alma is the mother of two children, 16 and 11 years old. One of them has autism, which brought a drastic transformation in her life.

At first, her world collapsed but then she decided to stand up and react. Being in the forefront of this challenge as a mother, and also noticing that a lot of mothers were struggling and hopeless, Alma took the first step for making a difference. In 2012 she established the NGO ‘Rreze shprese’ (Ray of hope) and founded  an international and entertaining centre for autistic children, called BAMBI, in northern Albania. This centre aims to offer the first modest shelter that warmly welcomes the children with problems and their mothers, and at the same time to bring a new feeling of acceptance and solidarity in the community.

Since childhood Alma has been an inspiring force, with empathy for people and passion for nature and knowledge, and has wanted to change the world to make it a better place to live for everyone. Her credo is: “All of us possess a creative force within and it is our obligation to fix the world balance with our everyday actions”.