Ellen Kooimans – Music Teacher / Wellness Coach – Holland

Ellen Kooimans – Music Teacher / Wellness Coach – Holland


Born as an highly sensitive Indigo Child, Ellen Kooimans knew from an early age that being a teacher, a coach and inspiring others would be her biggest passion and purpose in life. As a young child she was already fascinated by human behaviour and started observing and “reading” people. She became a great listener, and for her life experience was ‘a free course in psychology’. After her diverse studies in Music (Recorder, Bassoon, Voice and Music Education) at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and The Mannes College of Music in New York,

Ellen travelled the world with various ensembles and taught at many workshops worldwide.

For Ellen, music was the main language to connect with her High Spirit and feel and express her soul. For this reason she decided to dedicate her life teaching music to others at one of the best music schools in The Netherlands. Many of her students have won prizes at prestigious international festivals and become highly acclaimed musicians themselves.

As a ‘people lover’ and as a teacher and coach Ellen likes to keep things very simple and understandable for her students and clients. She focuses on empowerment and encouragement to achieve the best they can. With a relaxed, positive and focused attitude we can become the best version of ourselves. With the right mindset everything is possible. Ellen also believes in educating parents on how to observe and support their children’s needs.

As a teacher and coach Ellen loves to study and is unstoppable in her energy. Her motto is: “learn every day and become better every day”. Ellen has continued to study Education, Coaching and Primary School Teaching. After years of training in Personal Development , she became a qualified Inner Child Therapist (Primal Rebirth Therapy, or PRT); for her one of the most important and most efficient metaphors in psychology.


Why are so many “successful” people still feeling unhappy and unfulfilled, lonely, angry? What holds you back to live the life you really want? How you can become successful in all areas of your life? PRT teaches us how to get in contact with our Inner Child, Adult Child, Adult and Higher Self. PRT gives us insight about “codependency versus Wholeness”; it heals and transforms the pain of the past. As a Health and Transformation Coach Ellen developed her own program: “Become your New Me”: based on four pillars: Take care of your Health, that means your Physical Appearance and MIndset (healthy life style), Outer Appearance, and Leaving a Legacy. It is about a process of total freedom: acceptance of who you are and living your high energy every day. Ellen’s basic belief as a coach is to let people feel instead of being in their head. Like modern Western Society, ‘tend to pretend’. Watch children when they play; feel, face and heal your own pain. Become in contact with your real Higher Self; your inner core, and find your passion in life. Become your own parent in life and re–educate yourself into your best version of yourself. Live your core values in life. This is your Wholeness. Your authentic loving NEW ME.

BECOME YOUR NEW ME offers individual coaching programs based on 7 weeks Transformation work.