Jo Davison – Co-Founder of Blue Cow Summit

Jo Davison

Jo Davison – Co-Founder of Blue Cow Summit


Jo started her healthcare business in 2001. For two years, she studied the best practices from around the world in marketing, business management, customer service, leadership and team dynamics. She worked with some of the worlds best coaches and consultants. In 2005, she started applying her new strategies into her business.  By 2009, Jo together with her husband Steve (and their team) had transformed everything. They had their WOW business, a place they loved.  They had a seven-figure revenue business and thousands of happy clients.  They recruited and trained their dream team. They were able to create amazing opportunities for themselves and their team.

Ultimately, they had more time and freedom, less stress and more money (ethically). Life was no longer a struggle. Before long other business owners started to visit their business to see what they were doing and ultimately Blue Cow Global was born.  Today, Jo speaks all over the world about her award winning business model, about Blue Cow, about what Blue Cow means in the lives of those who want more for their life. Together with Steve they share their best practices in their seminars and their products. They have taught their strategies to hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs and aspirational men and women all over the world.

Jo is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs, business owners and aspirational folk create a dream life.

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