Mandy St John Davey – Entrepreneur

Mandy St John Davey

Mandy St John Davey – Entrepreneur


Mandy St John Davey is an entrepreneur, business coach and mentor who has built up a multi-million pound property investment enterprise over the last 16 years.

She is currently the Chairman of Women In Property South Wales and sits on the National Steering Group of Women In Property in London. She’s a regular commentator on property and business matters in newspapers, magazines, on radio and television both in Wales and across the UK.

While much has changed in recent years, women still represent only 15% of the property and construction industry workforce. The Association of Women in Property work hard to redress this balance in various ways.

Mandy’s mission is to inspire women and mentor them to become financially independent. This may mean rising, playing and staying at the top of their game in the property market or it may mean harnessing success in their own chosen sector.

She draws on her wealth of experience to help her mentees, as well as holding a professional qualification in Mentoring for Entrepreneurial Practise which is specifically geared to upskilling women. Mandy has inspired women from all walks of life to seize opportunities and to gain the confidence to help them achieve their goals.

Prior to starting her own business, Mandy had a successful career in training and development and working with blue chip companies and with local government.

She saw an opportunity in the property market and decided to build her own brand and now has a substantial portfolio of properties in Wales and Europe. She buys properties to renovate and transform into beautiful homes.

Coming from a coal mining background in the Valleys in South Wales, she grew up in a loving home where money was often scarce. From this she’s learned the value of resilience, effort and work-life balance.

Mandy is able to offer one-to-one support as a professional mentor to women in business and more information can be found here –

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