Mateusz Grzesiak – Trainer/Business consultant – Poland

Mateusz Grzesiak – Trainer/Business consultant – Poland


Mateusz Grzesiak has a Ph.D. degree in Economics and completed both Law and Psychology faculty. He is a teacher, trainer, business consultant and author of twelve bestselling books. In addition, he is also a regular guest on a wide range of TV and radio programs broadcasted in Poland and abroad, and has various articles published worldwide. For 13 years Mateusz Grzesiak has been conducting trainings that reach an international audience. He lectures in 7 different languages, mainly in Europe (i.e. Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Poland) and Latin America (i.e. Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Columbia). He works with middle and senior company managers, entrepreneurs, celebrity stars, athletes and many others. More than 500 thousand fans follow his social media profiles. He implements various kinds of projects, consultations, conducts trainings with workshops, publishes digital products for many markets, gives lectures at universities and holds a position of chairman of Starway Institute Program Council.

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Main points of my talk “Ego Management System”
We are born balanced, but we lose it as we grow older through all the processes of education and socialization. We suppress the elements of our balance. It is the moment when people start to keep just one ‘self’, instead of understanding that we are all ‘selves’ at the same time.
Just like in the theatre, there are many roles we play in our life – son, mother, husband, colleague, boss etc. Mistaking roles is an important obstacle which can make our everyday life something really difficult both privately and professionally. A boss, treating his employees like children and playing their father, is a person who will try to control every move made by them, deciding personally about every single detail.
Ego Management System is a way to build and manage your own personalities. Role management starts with the discovery of which roles we will need and when, in order to achieve success. Don’t be a slave of your own archetype! We play our roles because we need them but our roles are never ourselves.

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