Shuntella Richardson – Entrepreneur/ Speaker

Shuntella Richardson – Entrepreneur/ Speaker


Shuntella Richardson is a highly sought after speaker and results coach. Shuntella has spent over 15 years motivating and inspiring audiences to get out of their comfort zone and get on the court, when it comes to life.

With more than 24 years of vast experience in the Information Technology sector, she has worked with both national and global companies. Shuntella has a flare to quickly see the big picture. Often being called the “Navigator”, energizing and leading employees to see the benefits of working together – directing business units to rapidly implementing result driven strategies.

Although her love for the computer is great, Shuntella’s desire to enhance the personal development of others is far greater. Today, she combines her corporate, real life and successes as an entrepreneur to take on her client’s biggest challenges in their careers and businesses.

Abducted as a youth, Shuntella also has a genuine interest to keep kids safe in a world of instant exposure and possible danger. Spending many speaking hours sharing with kids and parents the importance of internet safety. Shuntella is an upstanding example that, “You’re so much more than your circumstances”. Her involvement with youth and women organizations, keeps her ears to the streets to know what’s relevant and in the presence of our growing future.

Shuntella is also featured as a co-author in the widely anticipated new book, From Fed Up to Fabulous. This book tells the real stories of seven successful business women, from six different countries, and four generations who each have had very unique and challenging circumstances to overcome.