Tineke Rensen – Founder of Powerful Business Academy – Holland

Tineke Rensen – Founder of Powerful Business Academy – Holland


Tineke Rensen is a business owner for 27 years now. (2017) She started when she was 25, living in a caravan. Her first investment was a typewriter.

She started various businesses. She sold her most successful business, an international, outdoor and adventure travel agency, 6 years ago. Since then she has totally dedicated herself to help business owners all over the world to accelerate their businesses to its full potential. She is the CEO of the Powerful Business Academy and works worldwide.

She specializes in helping her clients, the business owner, to work a lot smarter, focused and far more relaxed, by helping them to scale-up themselves as a business owner in every area of entrepreneurship. After 27 years, entrepreneurship has not more secrets to her! Her clients typically are business owners who deliver a service and who have up to 15 employees. They are smart, savvy, and acknowledge that they can still grow and feel the urge to grow. They acknowledge that by a lack of knowledge you cannot always see the whole picture, and therefore do not reach their full business potential. They have a big heart and while they’re scaling up the business they don’t want to work more. Instead, they want to create more flow and ease in their daily routine. She provides a safe haven for business owners, so they can be vulnerable if they want to be. They can share ideas and challenges with Tineke. Within a few minutes, she sees the issue and goes to the core of it. She helps the business owner with strategic solutions as well as helping them to manifest and create flow, and synchronicity in their business and in their daily routine.

Doing business online has no more secrets to her, so this is one of the many areas’s where she can be of benefit to her clients.

Tineke Rensen’s Experience

She has been elected as the best female business owner of the county where she lives in the Netherlands. She is an ex-top sports athlete. She was the champion of the country in the discipline freestyle whitewater kayaking. She was a member of 2 national teams, white water kayaking, and skiing. Tineke travels the whole world to stay updated and to gain new knowledge. She learns to form various business millionaires all over the world. Tineke wrote a Business book and she writes articles for various entrepreneurial websites. It is her mission to help business owners grow their business to its fullest potential on a very smart, fast, smooth and relaxed way. She has been interviewed a lot for the press and radio stations.

Growing your business through growing yourself

One of the most important decisions you as a business owner can take is to invest in yourself. This is an investment that lasts forever. The knowledge and skills you gain will never disappear. This investment will continue to give a return on investment, year after year.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this is you?

  • You have a laser sharp focus.
  • Your brand awareness will grow massively
  • You achieve your goals and you will be able to maintain control during the whole process.
  • If you are an employer, your team will really work for YOU and they don’t just have a job.
  • You have happy customers and they pay you a good price.
  • Clients who choke up too much of your energy and time will be gone.
  • You are fully accountable to yourself at any given time
  • Your turnover will grow bigger each year.
  • You have enough spare time to do the things you like and with who you like to this.


The Blueprint for a Successful Business Makeover




Clever Tools





The secret to business acceleration in any business in any market at any time! The business model which guarantees success for any business Tineke Rensen invented this business model. Which works for any company at any time at any level they are operating at. Working on these parts of you and of your business will guarantee you results in a very short period of time.