Valdete Idrizi – Executive Director of CiviKos Platform – Kosovo

Valdete Idrizi – Executive Director of CiviKos Platform – Kosovo


Valdete Idrizi, a peace activist, was born and raised in Mitrovica, Kosovo. Valdete as an activist started at yearly age, initially with alternative theatre in Mitrovica in the 90ies and after the Kosovo war in 1999, she engaged herself in dialogue and peace initiatives, in order to bring peace and normality in her city, which unfortunately after the 17 years of the end of the war, remains ethnically divided. Valdete is one of the founders of local grassroots multiethnic organization Community Building Mitrovica (CBM), that she lead for 10 years, a well known organization, for being persistent and committed in bridging the divide between the different communities, by implementing various projects and activities in last fifteen years, by empowering communities, younger generations and women in particular.

Valdete is a Executive Director of CiviKos Platform, cross-sectorial civil society network in Kosovo that works in enabling environment for formal cooperation between civil society and public authorities in Kosovo.

Besides her job, being a voice of civil society with public institutions in Kosovo in one side, and facilitating many advocacy initiatives and processes of civil society organizations throughout Kosovo in the other side, Valdete still manages to be actively engaged in other initiatives that contribute to peace and stability not only in Kosovo but in the Region as well.

As a peace practitioner, she remains active by regularly giving lectures, trainings, being a mentor to young women on peace activism, feminism and encouraging them to initiate and develop joint initiatives. She was also part of other peace and reconciliation Networks and Initiatives in the Balkans, such as Initiative of RECOM, Follow Us initiative, Mitrovica Forum. As an active member board member of many organizations, networks and foundations, Valdete is relentlessly working towards the higher participation of women in every aspect of society, in achieving sustainable peace by properly dealing with the past, in creating an environment for younger generations to maximize their potentials and promoting diversity as a important value in Kosovo’s society.

For her work and dedication to peace Idrizi has received several international awards. She was the European winner of the International Women of Courage Award 2008 from the US State Department, delivered to her by State Secretary. She was awarded the Soroptimist Peace Prize 2009, and received the title Peace Ambassador by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF). She also received much recognition by youth organizations and civil society in her community. Recently, she received another International Peace Award, The WIFTS Peace Award 2016 (Women International for Film and Television Showcase). Idrizi has a very diverse professional background, including studies in Geology, master studies on Conflict Management and a very active engagement in alternative theatre in her hometown for almost 20 years.

Valdete will be sharing her experience in bridging the ethnically divided communities in her hometown.