Welcome from Mirela Sula

The image of an awakening world
is an image of the ‘conscious woman’.


I have always been passionate about empowering women and interested to understand what are the role of man and the say of each of us in this process. For decades the balance of power has not shifted to make a significant difference in our reality.

Today however, women are having a more powerful influence on a bigger area of our world than ever before, and bringing a more spiritual and nurturing presence to the planet. This exciting aspect of human development is just the beginning.

In my view, power is to believe in togetherness, all about engaging with and understanding the unique role that each of us has to offer in the world, while collaborating together to empower each other. It is therefore time to think about, embrace and understand what this means for the world and realise that there is a genuine need to work together to change the old paradigms and become more involved in making a real difference.

At a time when the whole world is experiencing a huge humanitarian crisis, there is still time to create a new world paradigm based on conscious activism, financial empowerment and a spiritual moral compass.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo, in an exclusive interview for the Global Woman magazine said, “There is still a hope for humanity and in order to achieve a meaningful global impact, our leaders must learn to connect to build solid communities with a shared vision”.

This is what inspired me to start this campaign, which has the aim to raise more ‘Global Awareness for Gender Equality’ and the role of the women in the world. It has inspired me to start a movement with a new paradigm for women who are able and willing to actively contribute and make a difference to the planet and create a better world for all.

Women are usually the initiators when it comes to building peace in their communities – and now is the time to give them a voice; to help them speak from their inner spirit, their ability to feel empowered in many areas of life including wellbeing, spirituality and finance. Women have the capacity to share their dialogue with the world and contribute with their ideas about healing humanity’s relationship with the planet.

In many diverse cultures, traditional stories speak about the changing of the ages. And in these stories it is always the feminine spirit, which brings about the transition and transformation to a new life. This is what I call the new paradigm, a powerful concept presented by Dr. Laszlo, which manifests our initiative for empowering women. The new paradigm presents a ‘Cosmic Woman’, a new way of thinking, an image of a new archetypal feminine spirit, who transforms and gives birth to this new age for opening up to and incarnating wisdom.

Power is to believe in togetherness, all about engaging with, and understanding the unique role that each of us has to offer in the world, while collaborating together to empower each other.

In this world that is currently facing a number of significant crises with women, men and children moving across continents in the search for a better life, not just for jobs, education, health and well-being but with many escaping terrible events and destruction in their own country, we need to look for the answers:

Do we know exactly what we are looking for? Are we following our own right path to find our chosen destination? Where do women belong in this world and what is their power? Can we use this power to change and channel the energy in the right direction? What is the role of men in this process and how can they help and contribute in empowering women? How do we best show the positive side of the many wonderful contributions and successes from women of all cultures and origins?

We invite everyone who believes in this vision to join us in the first Global Woman Summit and be pioneers of the awakening moment. Your presence will be very significant and meaningful for all of us.

We need to awaken women to their potential
and bring a higher consciousness to the world.