In 2017, Global Woman magazine launched its Global Woman Awards with a big goal to recognise the talented women who are giving a positive contribution to their society all around the world.
The Global Woman Awards recognise the achievements of women who represent different backgrounds, nationalities, cultures and ages. Our aim is to empower women locally and connect them globally. Women who are contributing for positive change in the world, women who build communities, and share their talents/skills to help other people, deserve to be recognised globally.   

We are proud to announce that this year, Global Woman Awards are now open. We have built communities around the world such as: London - UK, Paris - France, Amsterdam – The Netherlands, Stockholm - Sweden, Oslo – Norway, Brussels - Belgium, Vienna - Austria, Frankfurt - Germany, Bucharest – Romania, Milan – Italy, Tirana – Albania, Singapore and South Africa, and in the USA – New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Dallas etc. 
You can nominate any woman from any place in the world, who you think deserves recognition in one of these categories mentioned above. The finalists of the Global Woman Awards 2020 during the Virtual Global Woman Summit 2020 broadcasted in the GW Lobby App..
Note: Stay tuned for the Global Woman Awards 2021 which will open soon. 
By highlighting the accolades of inspirational female talent, Global Woman hopes to encourage more women to become more visible and not hide their potential but use their skills and abilities do bring positive change for the world. Through giving women a platform where they can show their potential, we hope to bring more gender balance and equality in the world. Please refer to our frequently asked questions if you require any additional information or email
What they say about the Global Woman Summit
I have lived and travelled around the world and been part of many events in my life but I have never experienced another event like Global Woman Summit. It was world changing. This weekend will stay with me forever. I would like to see Global Woman Club become one of the major initiatives on Earth right now.
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Global Visionary, spiritual teacher, USA
This was the most incredible weekend I evert have attended - meeting brilliant, beautiful business women from 15+ different countries. My eyes have been opened to true global mindset.
Cherie Mathews
Founder of IBM Global Service, Austin, USA
Speaking publicly as a panelist about Leadership at the 2018 Global Woman Summit in NYC has single-handedly pushed me to a new level of international exposure that will forever impact my life.
Robert Harper
Film Producer - NYC, USA
It is beyond words, this great and transformational experience that the Global Woman Summit was, and I truly recommend Every woman who want to expand their business or/and their personal development, to the next level
Sandra Wigren
Founder of SoulFitness, Stockholm, Sweden 
The presence of such a high quality professional photography and filming meant a lot to me because I continue using the summit mareketing massively as an opportunity to promote my brand.
Jeanine Hofs
Founder of Yin Energie Managment, Holland
Global Woman Summit is a great platform to meet like-minded people and build relationships with entrepreneurs from all over the world. If people want to bring their lives, businesses, careers to the next level, Global Woman platform is definitely a place to be.
Valerie Prasetyo
Property Investor – Germany
VIRTUAL GLOBAL WOMAN AWARDS will be announced during the Virtual Global Woman Summit 2021 which will be broadcasted via GW Lobby App

Nominate a woman distinguished and venerated for her extraordinary work, fortitude, or noble qualities in the following categories:

Virtual Global Woman Awards 2021
  • On 10th December 2020: Nominations are Open
  • On 27th December 2021: Nominations are close
  • On 15th January 2021: Online voting will open
  • On 7th March 2021: Winners will be announced

Global Woman Awards 2021 will be announced at the Virtual Global Woman Summit broadcasted in the 

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