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Agata Galuszka
Founder - Confidence and Financial Independence Academy
Agata Galuszka is an HR Director, entrepreneur, speaker, success coach and the creator of the online program, the Confidence and Financial Independence Academy. 

Her dynamic skills enable her to not only work with organisations to build the foundations for their growth, focusing on women leadership but also coaching and mentoring women to create the lives and businesses they love. Both are important aspects of her life. 

She is determined to prove that women can have anything they want and create lives and businesses they love.

Agata uses her signature framework - life coaching before business mentoring to help her clients develop the confidence to act and go from usure to unstoppable.

Agata sees coaching and mentoring as a true necessity rather than a privilege only a few can afford, and she’s on a mission to make it accessible and affordable to women around the globe
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