Global Woman Summit 2018
Sheraton New York Times Square

New York West Ballroom

Friday 13 July

Private dinner with Les Brown (VIP ticket only)  Buy Ticket Now

Saturday 14 July

8.30 Registration
9.00 Welcome – MCs Trevor Clarke and Victor Tarfa
9.30 Mirela Sula – Introduction
10.00 Ona Brown
10.30 Barbara Marx Hubbard
The Arise of The Evolutionary Woman: Co- Creator of A New World
11.10 Short Break
11.20 Panel Session 1 – Moderator: Ellen Bjerkehag
How to Build a Global Business  
12.20 Dr Sonja Stribling
Tomorrow’s Empowered Woman: 5 Secrets to Having a Fulfilled Life and a
Booming Business
13.20 Lunch Break
14.10 Welcome back
14.15 Music and Dance
14.30 Panel session 2 – Moderator: Giovana Vega
How to Become a Global Leader
15.30 Stella Bida
Get (at last) meaningful results every single month
15.50 Short Break
16.00 Moira Ghallachoir
How to inspire your way to more clients and more money – without being salesy
16.20 Bernado Moya
The Question
16.40 Robbie Mathews
7 Principles to Live W.e.a.l.t.h.y. and Live Healthy – You Can Do Both!
17.00 Mirela Sula
Summary of the day
17.30 Close
19.30 Gala Dinner and Awards (Ticket only event)

Sunday 15 July

9.30 Welcome back
9.45 Meet the Global Woman Club Directors
10.15 Darla Boone
PBS documentary film producer and preview of Phenomenal Global Women
10.30 Panel session 3 – Moderator: Connie-Lee Bennett
The Power of Wellbeing
11.40 Short Break
11.50 Matuesz Grzesiak
20 Rules for Life of Successful & Intelligent People
12.10 Mary Ann Thompson Frenk
The Global Woman: What Makes Her Powerful?
12.30 Bill Walsh
Success by Design- The 7 Secrets to Build a 7 Figure Business
13.30 Lunch Break
14.30 Welcome back
14.35 Music and Dance
14.45 Veronica Tan
A Woman’s guide to Success and Happiness
15.05 Les Brown
16.30 Mirela Sula
17.00 Summary of the weekend
17.30 Close
18.30 Drinks reception with Les Brown (VIP ticket only event)