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Alketa Vejsiu
Albanian Television Presenter, Entrepreneur, Model, Producer and Singer
Alketa Vejsiu (Born on January 19, 1984 in Tirana). She was brought up in an art-loving family, where parents “nourished” her with love for art and beauty, believing that good things come when deciding to pursue dreams and passion.

Her talent sparked early in her childhood when she was engaged in modest children’s festivals. When she was just 10 years old, with a great desire for art and television, she was involved in several children’s activities and shows, where she was distinguished as a talent.

When the era of the rise of private radio stations arrived in Albania, Alketa Vejsiu found herself in Top Albania Radio, where she conducted the first musical programs that brought revolution in the concept of music and presentation in Albania. Dubbed as an icon of Albanian radiophony, by always being distinguished for her eloquence, as well as her quick and error-free speech, Alketa Vejsiu is a model that is being pursued even today.

It was soon proved that television and stage would be her safe “terrains”, where she would be affirmed as one of the most prominent Albanian screen presenters over the years.

Her biggest professional turn would be “marked” when she was at the age of 17, and the famous director Vera Grabocka would entrust her the presentation of the show “12 Dreams of a Summer Night”, a format dedicated to the European sport dance. Her career would only recognize climbing, because within a while, Alketa Vejsiu proved that presentation and television were the way to a safe and consolidated success thanks to hard work, sacrifices and above all, unconditional love for television.

In addition to her work and involvement in television, Alketa Vejsiu started her studies in 2003 by choosing to profile her skills at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, in the Business Administration branch. Managerial and communication skills led Alketa Vejsiu to focus on the marketing and business field.

Upon completion of higher studies in 2007, she engaged in several powerful business companies in the country as the director of important projects in the field of marketing and communications.

Later, she qualified for leadership programs at Harvard University. Eager for knowledge and as an “eternal student”, Alketa Vejsiu decided to attend one of the most sought out courses in the world, with the famous Tony Robbins, author of many books and mentor to millions of people around the world.

The training took place in 2019 in Singapore, titled “Unleash the Power Within ''! In January 2020 she attended the studies Business Mastery in Palm Beach Florida, once more with Tony Robbins.

While being integrated into public life by engaging in radio, television and music, in a good period of her career, Alketa Vejsiu received the proposal to be the image of several important companies in the country. In the 2005-2006 period, she appeared for the first time as the image of Bullit energy drink and a year later she became the image of the largest mobile phone company campaign at the time, AMC, “We bring you closer” along with the famous ballet dancer Kledi Kadiu. Since then, Alketa Vejsiu’s image has been firmly consolidated and her figure has become even more beloved for many fans and admirers in Albania and abroad.
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