Arno Müller
Founder & Managing director of the One World Group in Germany


Arno Müller was born in Germany as the youngest son out of three boys. With a young age of 14 years he starts selling C64 – computers as a side job for a department store and earns enough money through profit sharing, which allows him to buy his first own computer system and set up his first own company. He developed his skills step by step to a very high level as a programmer and sales expert for personal computers and software during that time.

Arno is the managing director, founder and owner of the One World Group in Germany with a history for more than 20 years. His expertise in the business of CD- and DVD manufacturing allowed him during that time to call companies like Bayer, Siemens, AOL, Lufthansa, Electronic Arts and many, many more his regular customers.

Today his focus is mainly set for the demand of coaches, entrepreneurs, experts and public speakers.

Arno works together with and for the very best speakers in Germany and create a wide range of value for his customers and have an outstanding reputation by his clients.

As an expert of the success-book-market he is a very known person in Germany already and the service of the company One World Distribution covers all steps during the process of book-creation, like layout, copy-editing, cover-design, printing and distribution, which includes a high-performance logistic department for mass shipping.

Meanwhile to his career in the media business he became an approved financial advisor and venture capital investor and is a business coach and a keynote speaker as well.

At the moment, Arno is working on his new “book-creation”-program, which will be launched in Germany ending 2019 and in UK in the beginning of 2020. This will be a short cut for everybody to become easily an author, expert and/or an outstanding entrepreneur.
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