Aurora Pintilie
Textile Engineer & Business Leader


Aurora Pintilie is a textile engineer and has worked for many years for companies like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Mango and others in Italy. She developed her skills and abilities in fashion, working and participating in many events of fashion. And all this became her passion. In all her activities Aurora brings a great blend of creativity and knowledge, to solve complex problems.

Currently, she is leading a new business, assisting female entrepreneurs who want to start a business in the digital field, with building the image of a brand using Technology strategy, Innovation and Creativity across sectors, such as healthcare, media and the public sector.

Aurora is passionate about the future digital world and how it will shape our society. She believes that the fourth revolution is an opportunity to reset gender equality.

Aurora strongly believes that the creativity industry has the responsibility to shape the ethical development and deployment of all digital fields.She is an active promoter of diversity and inclusion, she is working on creating a coaching and inspirational program for women entrepreneurs and managers in the fashion sector, media and healthcare area, also extending the invitation to the female lawyers, and the financial world.This has proven to be very successful learning and insight exchanges between previous participating candidates.

In her spare time Aurora likes to read, meditate, listen to music and travel.Focusing on doing things that she really likes to do, and also to learn new things. She never stops learning.
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