Barbara J. Beckley
Founder of Diamond Factor LLC  & Professional Speaker


Barbara Beckley is a Professional Speaker, 2 Time Amazon Best Selling Author, Purpose Strategist, and Social Media Personality who is on a mission to empower women to understand their PPD (Purpose, Passion and Drive), and not let the storms in their lives be their identity but to understand their real inner purpose so they can shine like diamonds in their personal business life.

Barbara understands how it feels to be uncertain, confused, depressed, and sad. Being losing a father at the age of 17 due to murder, a survivor of sexual abuse and cancer conquer for over nine years, she identifies with what it means to deal with internal pain, insecure, and searching for your purpose. She understands what it means to be a reliable individual and expects to have it all together, yet you are crumbling inside. 

This created the DIAMOND FACTOR LLC to help understand that everyone has a special gift, skill, purpose, a DIAMOND within.

The list of services Barbara offers includes webinars training, individual coaching, and presentations concerning personal development, including some of the following seminars; Finding your Purpose, Understanding the Leadership in YOU, Challenges in life is a Stepping Stones to Strength. Barbara holds an Associate Degree in Accounting, Business Management, and Health Administrative.
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