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Bindar Dosanjh
Mentor, Coach, Trainer, International Speaker , UK
Bindar Dosanjh is a multi-award-winning property investor, property mentor, trainer and lawyer. An acclaimed international speaker who inspires thousands of women each year to get into property investing with her message of “If I can do it, so can you.”

Brought up in a strict traditional Indian family with very little money, she overcame many obstacles including racial abuse, an arranged marriage and six-figure financial losses. While a single parent she put herself through law school part-time, qualifying as a lawyer to provide herself and her daughter with a better life. She is now financially free and living her dream lifestyle with a property portfolio worth several million pounds.

Bindar has mentored hundreds of people, with her focus on women, in property investing strategies, supporting them to unleash their dreams by teaching the right way to a passive income. Whether you are 18 or over 60, Bindar says there’s always an investment strategy for you. Her wealth of experience within property investing now allows her to act as a connector between those who have investment funds and those who have great property investing opportunities, providing a great return and a win-win situation.

She lives her mission every day as a property investing mentor, investing strategist and investment connector by empowering, educating, enlightening and enabling other women to achieve what she has. As she says, “you don’t have to be passionate about property investing, but you do have to be passionate about your life!”
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