Carla Cohen
CEO Of Women’s Health Revolution


After working hard to rise to a prominent position in Hollywood, Carla Sridevi Cohen had a healing crisis that literally landed her in bed for 2 years. She went from powerhouse to weak as a kitten. 

This experience changed the course of her life. In a quest to heal, Carla apprenticed with Shaman and Healers around the world, diving into personal and spiritual growth; western and eastern healing. As a Master Healer, she is certified in 20+ modalities. 

Carla combines years of tenacious technical and intuitive study of the human body, essential oils, emotional intelligence and brain profiling to create immediate results. She launched the Women’s Health Revolution, to shift the health and minds of all female changemakers. Carla is passionate and skilled at alleviating emotional and physical pain for her clients, helping them heal and experience deep peace. 

Alongside her healing work of 30+ years, she has selflessly served millions through her volunteer work for a global organization, Embracing the World; dedicated to relieving human and global suffering.
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