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Daniela Baumann
Entrepreneur, Celebrity, Author and Founder of "LOFT1" Poledance – Studios
As a successful entrepreneur with 15 branches of her own poledance - studio chain, Daniela Baumann inspires women to more courage, happiness in life and to live their dreams. As a sports enthusiast and energetic personality, she is appreciated by the public and the media for her appearance and her motivating manner. 

Daniela Baumann’s mission is to encourage women to realize themselves and live their dreams by teaching them how to increase their self-worth, become independent and live the life they have always wanted. She built her own successful business as a single mother of two children without any financial resources or support. 

Daniela Baumann has been inspiring and motivating women for many years with her story from dancer to successful entrepreneur. 

She is an example that you can achieve anything in life if you follow your path with courage and focus.

More courage for women: Often security thinking keeps most women from tackling and living their own dreams. Daniela inspires, motivates and gives the right impulses so that women become more courageous to create the life they secretly desire.

Today Daniela Baumann lives the life she always dreamed of. She wants to give other people.
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