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Darla Boone 
Executive Producer: Founder and CEO of Boone Media International- USA
In 2009 Boone began her career as a PBS Television Producer under the wing of Veteran Television Producer, Roland Perez, President and CEO of the American Health Journal, working with Mr. Perez, Boone quickly became the force behind “Discoveries in Alternative Medicine” which broadcast through The American Health Journal on PBS Television Nationally, this series was the first weekly show in the USA on Alternative Medicine, and has been airing for the past 9 years on PBS.
Ms. Boone is also the Visionary behind Phenomenal Women of America History a Documentary 3 part mini series which is slated to aired in 2020 on PBS in honor of the Centennial Celebration of Women’s right to vote in America. Boone has been developing a weekly series about women delivered in a half hour format, called “Women- In” which will begin airing February 2019, a One Hour Special titled Phenomenal Global Women will air on PBS in August/September 2018 the show is focused on Mirela Sula, Founder of Global Women an International Women’s Empowerment Group headquarter in London, England. 

All of these interconnected programs feature women and their achievements, reveling the evolution of women who have shattered the glass ceiling and celebrate the unsung heroines who helped birth our counties and our world.
Ms. Boone is also in final production on a One Hour Documentary about Professor Ervin Laszlo one of the top thinkers in Quantum Physic and the New Paradigm Science today, Life of a modern Day Genius, Ervin Laszlo will be broadcast Nationally on PBS Television in late fall of 2018.

In 2015 Darla completed a 18 half hour episode series and two pledge shows on health care focusing on the Ancient Chinese Wisdom, taught by Dr. and Master Sha, with her production team, the series was seen on PBS Television March 2015.

Boone is a pioneer and has a vast background in health and wellness stemming for a holistic perspective, that spans 40 plus years, she has a committed desire to bring her audience the best information on health and wellness available currently, which has inspired her new series The Pursuit of Wholeness. This series focuses on exploring levels of understanding true health and wellness from the newest holistic perspective, as well as delving into the vast new frontier of discoveries in new paradigm science, and spirituality.

Boone Media International is committed to television, film, and visual media, as a tool to seek out and tell stories of significant focus on creating television that inspires, and encourages our viewers. We aspire to produce television that is an art not merely entertainment – to provoke emotion and reflection, and have a lasting effect on those who experience it.

Boone has spent 30 plus years as a successful entrepreneur, business women, and visionary.
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