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Ekaterine Maisuradze
President at Union of Business Ladies (UBL), CEO at the Holding Company - International Relations Centre (IRC) 
Ekaterine Maisuradze has a solid educational background in Medicine and Business Development and holds the titles of Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). She is currently pursuing the PhD in Business Administration at Grigol Robakidze University.

A Doctor by profession, Mrs. Maisuradze has always had an interest in business and aspiration to promote her small country with limitless opportunities. She began her career at the Tbilisi Health Care Centre in 2002 as a theoretical doctor and used to popularize healthy lifestyle and different approaches to hygiene issues. Afterwards, she managed Ltd. Global Business Trainings (GBT) and then the GBT International Medical College between 2005- 2010, where she dealt with medical education and various trainings. In 2010 Mrs. Maisuradze became a Rector of the European International Teaching University. She is a Director and President of the Global Educational Institute since 2010 and the CEO of International Relations Centre (IRC) since 2013. IRC is a Holding Company, operating in different fields, including inbound and outbound tourism, educational tourism, medical tourism and non-profit organizations.

Mrs. Maisuradze is actively involved in doing business that contributes to expand economic prosperity and opportunity. She is a Founder and President of the Union of Business Ladies (UBL). This organization aims to support startup women in terms of consulting, trainings and providing various activities for skill development. Mrs. Ekaterine is also a president of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International), Tbilisi, Georgia. Mrs. Ekaterine sets a good example for the women who find it challenging to lead family and business equally successfully. She plays an important role in planning annual meetings, forums and represents her organizations and homeland at different events around the world. She is an active supporter of women’s business advancement in the county. She is a member of Dubai Business Women Council and the President of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International), Tbilisi. Hereby, Mrs. Ekaterine Maisuradze is a Founder and Chairperson of Georgia and Asia-Africa Chamber of Commerce (GAACC). GAACC has business contacts in many countries of Asia and Africa. This Chamber is an ideal platform connecting Georgian and foreign business operators and, simultaneously, raising awareness of Georgia and presenting investment potential in the Asian and African markets of the infinite opportunities.
Ekaterine Maisuradze was the first Georgian to organize Global Business Forums in 2017 and 2018. These events were beyond the scope of an ordinary Forum due to its scales and importance.

Mrs. Ekaterine Published 21 Articles in miscellaneous newspapers and Journals. Media appearances in Forbes Georgia, Global Woman Magazine, Business Media Georgia, Diplomat Georgia and JAKO FM Georgia.
Ekaterine Maisuradze was an Invited Speaker at the following forums and conferences: Women Economic Forum – New Delhi, India (2019), Indian Food Delegation (IFD) – Dubai, UAE (2019), “The 9th Bosphorus Summit” – Istanbul, Turkey (2018), “Krynica - Zdroj Economic Forum”– Krynica, Poland (2018), Cities Mayors Forum “Global Silk Road” – Astana, Kazakhstan (2018).

Mrs. Maisuradze received the following awards: Exceptional Women of Excellence Award from the Women Economic Forum – New Delhi, India (2019), Distinguished Speaker Award from the Indian Food Delegation (IFD) – Dubai, UAE (2019), Honourable Award from the International Cooperation Platform at the 9th Bosphorus Summit – Istanbul, Turkey (2018), Award from the Council of Arab Businesswomen and SHEIKHA HISSAH SAAD ABDULAH SALEM AL-SABAH, Princess of Kuwait (2018), A Special Guest Award from Mrs. Randa Assi Berri, First Lady and the wife of the Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon - Beirut, Lebanon (2018), Award from UAQ Business Women Council – Umm al-Quwain, UAE (2017).
Mrs. Maisuradze has achieved commendable fame as a successful entrepreneur in Georgia as well as internationally. Thanks to her years of experience and support from UBL and GAACC teams, she is actively engaged in women empowerment activities and usually assists in enhancing their roles in economy.

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