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Emma Loveheart
Radio Show Host- International Speaker- UK
Emma Loveheart is based in the UK and works on improving energy in properties all over the world through her business Into The Light.
She offers a unique, specialised and exclusive healing service that looks at psychic energy and earth stresses affecting the home and business premises, as well as people connected to those properties.

Her work to clear negative energy, making way for ‘positive only’ energy, in everyday life has had profound and productive effects on people’s health, relationships, wealth and wellbeing.

All her work is conducted remotely, which allows Emma to heal many homes and properties across the globe, changing lives in unexpected ways but all for the better.

Emma currently has a monthly radio show with News for the Soul [www.newforthesoul.com] on which she shares her stories and experience, discussing some of the more finer points of working with what can be ‘dark’ spiritual beings.

Her journey into this work was very sudden and unexpected back in 2011 resulting in a change of life and direction. Emma had no previous spiritual awareness and was thrown into learning and discovering a new world. Learning to dowse, and coupling this with her natural spiritual connection, she soon realised her instinctive ability to connect to energy anywhere and expanded this to work specifically on property.

Emma takes a great sense of achievement from the beneficial results of her work, which she is always keen to share and discuss.
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