Felicia R. Shakespeare
Founder of A Purpose Driven Woman


Felicia Shakespeare is an author, entrepreneur, international speaker and an accomplished educator who is on a mission to inspire others to be intentional about living a life of faith and purpose. 

Felicia helps women build their brands by connecting to their purpose. She is the author of the book You Are Your Brand: Building from the Inside Out for which she was nominated by the Indie Author Legacy Awards as an Author of the Year Finalist. She is the founder of A Purpose Driven Woman LLC. A Purpose Driven Woman is a safe space for career professionals and female entrepreneurs to receive empowerment resources for personal development and professional growth through online and offline platforms. 

Felicia is also the host of her self produced A Purpose Driven Woman Podcast w Felicia Shakespeare. She also co-owns a restaurant in the City of Chicago with her brother who runs the day to day operations. Felicia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Master of Educati
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