Global Woman Awards 2017


Global Woman Awards 2017

What an amazing evening we had on Saturday night. Everyone had a great time and they left on a high. We want to congratulate all 13 winners of the Global Woman Awards 2017 who received trophies and for being recognised as the best in their field and category.

All Awards were very significant and highlighted the contribution that many women are making for the world, investing with their expertise, knowledge and experience.

We were honoured to have the presence of Dr. Ervin Laszlo, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and Global Woman proudly presented him with the Global Woman Awards 2017 Lifetime Achiever Award, for his invaluable contribution to the New Paradigm for Women.


Other winners were as follows:

Global Woman Awards 2017

Woman of the Year

Gill Fielding

Janey Lee Grace

Nuala McGovern

Sharon Lechter

Vera Ora

Winner: Nuala McGovern


The Best Cover Story

Ashish, Stella, Izabella, AnYes


Laura Timm

Nuala McGovern

Winner: ChrissyBoodram


Best Man of the Year

Adam Stott


Bernardo Moya

JT Foxx

John Lee


Winner: John Lee


Best Business Purpose

Anita Goyal

Mandy St John Davey


Tracey Smolinski

Winner: Anita Goyal

Campaigner for Change

Keshelle Davis

Jessica Finn

Rachana Jain

Tina Allton


Winner: Tina Allton


Coach/Mentor Of The Year

Chelsey Baker

Fiona Harrold


Veronica Sosa

Winner: Fiona Harrold

Pioneer of High Human Values

Ariyana Star Child

Jo Davison

Mary Ann Thompson

Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Winner: Jo Davison

Congratulations to 2 Global Woman Award 2017 winning absent friends, Gisela Wood from Sweden, winning the award for Leading Entrepreneur outside of the UK, accepted by Mirela Sula and passed to Jessica Finn from Sweden to bring it to Gisela. Please show us a video or Facebook live of the handover! Jo Davison was the winner of the award for the Pioneer of High Human Values. Lucy Cassidy received the trophy on Jo’s behalf and again, please show us a video or Facebook live of the trophy handover. To both wonderful and deserving women we wish you a speedy recovery from your illness, and look forward to seeing you back to your best to continue your great work and mission very soon!

Tomorrow we will have a special Global Woman Club Breakfast at Savin at Criterion Piccadilly with some of the winners, including Dr. Laszlo.

This is inspiring  and empowering at its best.