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Global Woman Summit 2016
London July 30 - 31, 2016
Global Woman Summit 2016 Images
Global Woman Summit 2016
The Global Woman Summit 2016 brought together more than 200 people, women and men from around the world with 2 full days of content and inspiration.

Our keynote speaker was Dr Ervin Laszlo, twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, who traveled from Italy. Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk, the Founder of the Thompson Foundation, who travelled from Texas USA. And many other speakers and delegates who traveled from Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Albania, Turkey and more.

On Monday 01 August 2016, after the summit, the Global Woman Team and some of the key speakers were kindly invited to a private meeting with Larry Sullivan and his team. In this meeting were present Dr Ervin Laszlo, Mirela Sula, Abigail Deffe, Mary Ann Thompson Frenk and her husband Joshua Frenk, Dr Isaura Gonzalez, Dr Ed Berman, Gulrukh Khan, Veronica Sosa, Adam Strong, Tina Allton, Trevor Clarke, Joe St Clair, Ashish Paul Izabella NiewIdadomskaetc.

Larry Sullivan is not only the chairman and co-founder of Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) foundation but also a founder of five software businesses. He has established profitable companies in countries like Russia and Poland.
Larry took us through his journey and introduced the way of creating economic and societal valued ventures and the techniques around building a significance team with balanced personalities. COINS foundation supports and develops its clients business process to run more efficiently.

However, what is remarkable about Larry Sullivan is that he has used his success as a force for good, and created ways to benefit charities. In 2004 Larry established a school for disabled children called Stepping Stones, and recently he opened The Cookie Bar, a social enterprise that will help disabled children to get work experience in a safe environment. In this way he believe that it will help them to become economic and social contributors.

He aims to create business models with projects like The Cookie Bar and Stepping Stones to become financially independent.
Ervin Laszlo, the twice Nobel Peace Prize nominated philosopher and scientist, who also was invited to this private meeting, opened up the Q&A by mentioning the importance of being a part of the changes that are coming. “We need a new mindset, a more global and larger community, even though the community is more global today, the thinking is yet private and national…”

He also continued saying, “We live in one world, we need to create an authentic vision of the people so that we can live sustainably. Can you see how we can contribute to the whole enterprise, which is the humanity cooperative?”
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