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Our Speakers 2023

 CEO & Founder of Global Woman

Certified Resilience Expert, Award-Winning International Speaker, Accomplished Entrepreneur, and Author

Co-Founder of Membby and Wealth Dragons Group PLC, Entrepreneur, Author

Co-Founder of Success Resources


Founder - Confidence and Financial Independence Academy

Award-Winning Journalist and Author

Albanian Television Presenter, Entrepreneur, Model, Producer and Singer

Founder SuperGenius

 World-renowned Healer, Transformational Leader, Tao Grandmaster, Philanthropist and Humanitarian

 Serial Entrepreneur and Business Strategist

Global Director at BT

Registered Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Trained in Functional Medicine Model

Founder Arabela Beauty Agency, Author of the book Beauty of Pain

Twice Best Seller Author, Blogger, Founder of Trading for Women, Director Global Woman Club Amsterdam, Award Winner - Best Director 2019, Certified Forex Trader, Crypto
Investor and Speaker TedxAmsterdamWomen

Founder and CEO - IN Life Amplification

Business growth expert, DJ and Founding Band Member for Architechs

Physiotherapist, Teacher, Business Owner, Distributor for Zinzino, a Certified John Maxwell Coach and Speaker

Regional Director - Accra (Ghana) 

Award-Winning Trainer and Speaker, Global Multi-Certified Executive Coach, Scholar Practitioner and Researcher in Leadership, CEO and Founder of ProAkademi Ltd.

Co-founder of We Belong

CEO Jongleurs Group Ltd, Howlin' Entertainment Ltd, Howlin'
Comedy Club Ltd, British Pantomime Academy

Transformational Leader & Serial Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur, Celebrity, Author and Founder of "LOFT1" Poledance – Studios

MD and Co-Founder of LVL London

Head of Business Development & FT Talent Director - Commercial Department, Financial Times

Global Educator, Author, International Speaker, and Green Entrepreneur

Founder and MD, UKG Lifestyle

Award Winning Author, Educator, International Speaker and Entrepreneur

Transformational Mindset Coach, Mentor and Bestselling Author of the book,
“The Answer Is You”

Author - “Rising with Grit and Grace: From Mother of 8 to CEO”

Scientist, Writer, Broadcaster

 International Business Woman and Political Campaigner

 CEO & Founder of the British Board of Antiageing and Integrated Medicine (BBAIM)

Award winning Senior Presenter with Al Jazeera English

Publisher, Promoter, Entrepreneur and Meditation Advocate

Founder and Managing Director of Trade Mark Wizards

International Speaker, Consultant & Corporate Trainer

President and Founder, TeamAsia
Chairwoman, Women’s Business Council Philippines

Emotional Intelligence Expert and Regional Director for Global Woman Club Los Angeles

Coach, Leader, Entrepreneur, Investor, Mom and Nana

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