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Inger Nordin
Founder and CEO - IN Life Amplification
Inger Nordin – Best Selling Author, Speaker, Life & Business Coach, and Money Management Strategist has over 35 years’ experience from big international corporations in management positions, mastering the complete sales and delivery process. Her drive, goal- and result-oriented focus developed her great leadership.

MSc Computer Science & Technology, Executive MBA, PMP®, Effective Directorship, Quantum Leap for Success Resources, Life Enhancement Processing,

Competence Areas:
Marketing, Leadership, Handling Change Processes, Chairman of the Board, Sales, KAM, Security,

She is the Founder and Owner of “IN Life Amplification” with a mission to help women step into their power – financially, personally, and professionally – without compromising their femininity.

After retiring at 65, Inger became bored, knowing she had so much more to offer - missing being a part of something. In 2017 she attended a life-changing seminar, putting her on a new path and purpose. People started to approach her and tell her that she was inspiring and had a duty to step up and be seen – her new calling was verified.

With a passion to help people to truly succeed, her coaching is almost always based on aiding people to recover their life-force particles and gaining mastery over all areas of their life.

Inger is a networker, connector, and inspirer - known for her big heart and always wanting to share and help others. “It’s never too late to start over – I did it when I was 65 – what’s your excuse?”

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