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Jeanine Hofs
Founder of ‘Recharging for Women’, Bestselling author- Netherlands
Jeanine Hofs, founder of ‘Recharging for Women’.
Bestselling author, renowned therapist, teacher and mentor in personal energy management.

Jeanine says “Energy is everything. Energy is your foundation and therefore the foundation for both business and personal success. So if you want to step up and take your business to the next level, you have got to recharge and raise your energy!”.

With ‘Recharging for Women’ Jeanine educates, motivates and inspires women to master their energy, so they become leaders of their energy, their health, their business, their income and their life. Because that is true freedom…

Jeanine’s passion for helping women in matters concerning personal energy, started with the Western approach; for 17 years she worked as a certified fitness and health trainer, and nutrition coach – in this way she helped and trained thousands of people improve their health and energy. After that she discovered the Oriental secrets to energy: in 2003 she started to study Traditional Chinese Medicine, became a licensed therapist with a very busy practice, wrote a bestseller about energy and is now a trainer/mentor in Energy Management techniques.

Today Jeanine mentors women, mainly business owners, leaders and professionals, both online and live; in various programs ranging from exclusive high level 1-on-1 training programs to group programs and retreats in the Netherlands, Spain and in Morocco.

With over 27 years of experience, Jeanine has developed her own unique and very effective method to help her clients achieve the next level in both personal and business growth. An important part of this method is the ‘Personal Success Code’, an instrument based on centuries old and proven wisdom originating in Chinese medicine. This unique code will give you profound insights into yourself, your qualities, your pitfalls but also your energy leakages. You’ll begin to understand why you react to certain triggers, why you behave the way you do, why you have made certain choices, and why some things and situations give you energy and others do not. By connecting to your “Personal Success Code” you will start living and working from a higher energy frequency which causes your life and business to run effortlessly.

Success is already a part of you, Jeanine is convinced of this, all you have to do is activate it and you can do that by recharging your energy!
Jeanine lives in the Netherlands and consults internationally.
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