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Jennifer Abel
Technology and Innovation Passionate, Empowerment Specialist, Entrepreneur
“If you can dream it, you can do it”

As a little girl Jennifer was crazy about Disney movies. One of her favorites were Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. Sticking to that what you sincerely believe in despite the fact that the road gets bumpy and not giving in, although it would be so much easier, inspired her early on.

With a mind wide open, ready for adventures and driven by curiosity, Jennifer was always eager to follow her heart and make her aspirations a reality even if there were quite some internal and external challenges.

Those endeavors include living and working in New York City, graduating in Business Mathematics, finding a wonderful job as an IT consultant in a vibrant city like Frankfurt, falling in love, creating a life that makes her genuinely happy and having opportunities to keep on growing personally and spiritually.
After figuring out for herself how to bring dreams to life and working together with many ambitious people on making their visionary and passionate projects a reality she wanted to do more.

Therefore she started a business around empowering people to successfully realize thrilling projects, which truly make their heart sing. Her offerings include different formats and packages from finding the next venture to actually making it happen in a rewarding way.

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