Jo Davison
Founder of Blue Cow Practise


Jo Davison is the Co-founder of Blue Cow and the Womanpreneur Success Club.
As a ‘womanpreneur’, business growth expert, speaker, mentor, author of 4 books, freedom seeker, happily married mummy to 4 kids and life juggler…Jo is frequently asked how can women achieve success in business and life? Jo has lived the highs and lows of both. Jo used her ‘Blue Cow technology’ to transform her under performing business, in which she was burnt out, close to giving up and at risk of losing her family, into a 7 figure business that could run with or without her, lead by her dream team. This resulted in Jo having more freedom, more money, more time, more joy and more life. Through her coaching business, Jo has mentored hundreds of her business owner clients to achieve their dreams and goals. Jo is on a mission to be a beacon of light to women and empower them to run their business and live their life on their own terms.
During her talk, Jo will be sharing the proven success blueprint that women in business can use to successfully run a 6 or 7 figure business without sacrificing their families, their happiness and their sanity.
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