John Lee
Global Speaker & Investor


John Lee is the u201cking\u201d of social media. In three years, he has managed to have 5 million followers on social medias, using his strategy, which he now uses for his famous clients. 

In this webinar he will teach us how to make money from social media. The beginnings for him were not easy, but by learning and attending trainings he quickly managed to put his skills to work. "Get advice from the right people, from people who have excelled, from people who have achieved great things, not just from your friends," John says initially. 

It's not enough to just have a website to increase your revenue, people need to do traffic there. You need to have visibility, the more visibility you have, the more income you will have.

You Tube is also a good way. John gives us some golden advice. "Do not forget to say at the end of your YouTube video, \u201cfor more information go to the website\u201d, this will bring more people to you and you will have more opportunities to sell." 

Nowadays, Instagram is definitely the most powerful social network, so it is important to be followed and to have maximum visibility in this social network. One secret that John tells us is that to get more likes in your photos, put text above them. 

John states that you should be careful in selecting the text you publish along with your video, or photo. You need to make sure that people find you, when searching on google, or on other platforms. Most of the time we spend on the phone and the most important thing is to find a strategy on how to make money from the phone.
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