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After 20 years in corporate in managerial positions for leading international organisations such as AUDIand Bosch, Judit Karas now manages her company Ablaut Consulting from Cambodia, mentoring (inparticular startups) and working as business consultant in organisation design (IPMA-B certified) for her high-end clients around the world. Her business was ranked among the 100 best companies in Hungary

Based on employment and income progression.

Her speciality: large scale organization design and development, and HR, particularly intercultural and leadership training for sizable companies around the world.
Judit is also an active trader on Wall Street and helps her clients manage their own economy, enablingthem to live a harmonious and independent life, a topic she is passionate about.
Searching for more quality of life, in 2019, she took the leap and founded Blue Lagoon Cambodia, a unique resort, offering tailor-made holidays and retreats. From here she also runs her Hungary- based company, managing her team, stakeholders, suppliers, corporate partners and servicing her clients while developing in parallel expertise in remote leadership which she coaches. Judit also facilitates land-lease
In Cambodia for those looking for a lucrative investment in this safe, beautiful country.
Judit believes we are only limited by our own creativity and level of courage. She is a strong advocate ofwomen empowerment, especially in the financial field and has proven from a young age that with hard and smart work, self-belief, and determination you can achieve all your dreams.
Known for her professionalism and business expertise allied with a sincere caring for the success of her clients, those who work with her value her trustworthiness, her can-do attitude and outside the box thinking, her strong communication skills and genuine generosity of character.
Her mission is to inspire others to follow their dreams and design their life combining results and
harmony, to also embrace a new way of remote working and maybe along the way enjoy a
transformational journey discovering the cultural richness of Cambodia in tune with the local village whilst soaking up the beauty and serenity of the best western beach of Cambodia.
Motto: Your journey is my passion
Expertise: Management consultancy and mentoring, trading, project management, HR, transformational holidays, money-making holidays
Interests: slow travelling, spirituality and Buddhist harmony, self-development, empowering others, trading & money management, sponsoring artists, minerals, stones, and jewellery.
Judit is Hungarian and speaks English and German.
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