2 DAYS EXCLUSIVE Rich Woman MasterMind with Global Woman
Facilitated by Global Woman and Success Resources
You’re in the right place to get the financial education, strength and support you need to succeed!
Rich Woman Masterclass
15th & 16th July
Hilton London Tower Bridge Hotel,
5 More Place, Tooley Street, London, SE1 2BY
What You Will Learn From This Workshop:
Re-discover Yourself
Go through a whole new process of
self-discovery and find your purpose again.
Financial Freedom
Take full control of your financial independence
 instead of hoping someone else 
will take care of it for you.
Get More Involved
Network with thousands of successful
entrepreneurs, business owners and
Other goal driven women to build
powerful connections.
There's two choices:
Learn these success patterns through a teacher who has seen it all (Kim)...
Learn them on your own through painful trial and error that frustrates you and hurts your time…
Join Rich Woman & Global Woman on this 2 days masterclass where you’ll be thoroughly drilled with thought provoking talks, financial education and get immense support from an amazing community of women.
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Janice Doe
Meet Your Speakers
Kim Kiyosaki
Kim Kiyosaki is a young woman who got fascinated by the world of entrepreneurship, ventured in to it and made it big. Her husband Robert Kiyosaki is famous all around the world. He is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, business owner, investor and author. She started her career as an employee of a business magazine in Honolulu, Hawaii. It gave her the chance to get used to the ideas of business ownership, investments and being your own boss.

This inspired her to start a business of her own at a very young age. This was a clothing business that gradually grew into becoming a multi-million corporation with distribution around the United States. It was during this time she met her future husband and partner Robert Kiyosaki. They worked together to build businesses and invest in real estate. In just five years they were super rich and started thinking of retiring. In 1994 they sold their seminar business and retired.
Lisa Lannon is a Social Entrepreneur, Author, Investor, International Speaker and Mom.  
Described as a “protector with compassion,” Lisa has a bold passion in building businesses and providing safe world class healing environments assisting warriors in sobriety and healing. Her current mission is Warriors Heart, a healing facility for our warriors – veterans, active military, police officers, firefighters and other 1st responders/protectors.

Lisa is the Co-Author of the Rich Dad Advisor book, The Social Capitalist. As a successful entrepreneur, she has built and sold 6 private addiction treatment facilities, JHC, with her husband, Josh. She is the Founder of Brooke Property Management with investments including residential homes, commercial buildings, resort hotel, and apartment complexes with holdings of over 2,600 units. Her current business is Warriors Heart. 
The world is crying out for entrepreneurs to take a stand, create jobs and solve problems. Doing good and making money does not have to be mutually exclusive. With an inspiring story, Lisa has turned a problem into a solution, she is a visionary and builds purpose and value driven organizations that create positive change. She has dedicated her life to building businesses that make sense and addresses social problems.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Lisa was a commissioned Law Enforcement Officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Lisa and her husband, Josh, have been inseparable since 1995 and are proud parents of two amazing children.  

Lisa speaks about Finding Your Why, Investing with Purpose, Building and Purpose Driven Businesses.
Ronda Jaggers
Inspiring entrepreneur

Ronda Jaggers is a social entrepreneur and CEO with a passion for educational and professional development. Along with her husband, Greg, she is the owner of four special education schools targeting at-risk youth along with a successful agency providing training and student-related services to the public school system. With over 25 years of experience, Ronda is a proactive and visionary leader. 
A strong sense of faith and believing the best is yet to come keeps her striving each day. It is during this journey that true happiness is found. Ronda’s company, Point Quest, was formed out of the vision of “the benefit of the journey”.
Ceil Stanford is a Coach in personal development, Entrepreneur, Investor, Mom and Nana.  

Ceil is consistently recognized as a leader who makes a profound impact on others, artfully guiding them to develop their “inner champions” and transform their lives in extraordinary ways. 

She uses revolutionary processes for personal and professional development that change lives across the globe—entrepreneurs, 
business leaders, investors, go-getters, parents, athletes, and performers alike.

Ceil teaches applicable techniques that will empower you and vastly improve every sphere of your life. Before finding her passion and purpose in the field of personal development, she had a nineteen year career in the insurance industry.

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, “How on earth did you get into the field of personal development?”

In my early twenties, shortly after I said “I do,” I realized I did not know how to have a happy relationship. I made a powerful intention to simply “get better.” I started reading self-help books and embarked on the journey of personal and spiritual development. I began looking for answers to questions that I had been asking myself for years. Questions like, “Who am I? Why do people act the way that they do? Why do I act the way that I act?” And I attended numerous workshops and courses, attempting to answer those questions.  

In my late twenties, I landed an entry level position with a Fortune 500 insurance company in Dallas, Texas. It was the first positive team of people I had ever worked with, and I was very lucky to have a boss who became my first positive mentor and role model. I eventually achieved my dream and goal of acquiring a executive position without a college degree, which was very rare. 
A few days before my fortieth birthday, I had a defining moment: I decided I was not going to live the rest of my life as I had lived previous 39 years. 

I enrolled in a course called “Dynamic Presence” and found the true answers to the questions I spent my life searching for. And luckily, I found my passion, my purpose and what I really love to do — positively coach others to be their great self. 

My income rose by 33%, my relationships improved and I won National Account Manager of the Year. That’s how I knew it worked. I realized I could take what I was learning, and help others by applying it every area of life.

I had no idea, at the time, how that one decision and intention would change the course of my life. It improved my life and caused me to be in the right place and the right time with the right people. It drove me forward, and it’s the reason I always say, “Don’t ever underestimate the power of your intention.”

In 2004, I decided to dedicate my time and energy to spreading knowledge and awareness by inspiring others to be the best in all that they do. 

Also featuring Global Woman Speakers
You may be fortunate to attend the Global Woman Summit on 13-14 July in London where Kim will be presenting a keynote speech, this means that you can join us after the summit for 2 days at the Rich Woman Masterclass
Kim Kiyosaki will be the main keynote speaker at the Rich Woman Masterclass but also her team of Rich Women will be sharing their expertise to help women build their business and their own wealth.
The Founder of Global Woman, Mirela Sula will be also speaking about how to create a brand and make it global. Her success story of building a business model and make it global in two years has inspired thousands of women around the world.
The co-founder of Success Resources, Veronica Tan, a powerful woman will share her passion and unique expertise how to build an empire something that she did for more than 20 years changing lives of millions around the world. Now her passion is more than ever to support women in their entrepreneurial journey. 
If you’re looking to connect with other goal-driven entrepreneurs 
and learn how to create financial stability and freedom in your life 
you don’t want to miss this!
 Have you ever heard the definition of insanity?
It’s doing the same thing you’ve always done but expecting different results.
Which leads to a very likely prediction for you:

If you don't change SOMETHING this year... 

you’ll remain STAGNANT (or go backwards)...
you'll get same RESULTS as last year... 
and you’ll feel miserable!
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