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Lilli Rohde & Maike Benner
Co-founder MaL!ish, Business strategist, - Germany
“Be the captain of your life” 
Lilli Rohde, Co-founder MaL!ish, business strategist and consultant, international speaker, career and business coach
Lilli managed, structured and built international sales teams, implemented systems, tools and processes on a global scale and coordinated successful international product launches in her time within the food and beverage industry.
“Change is the only constant”
Maike Benner, Co-founder MaL!ish, business strategist and consultant, international speaker, career and business coach.
Maike has supported, managed and led various projects in her professional and volunteer life. Her analytical, communication and project management skills have made her an expert in the field of video editing, system implementation, workshops and trainings.
Together Maike and Lilli founded MaL!sh, an international business consultancy and coaching company based in Frankfurt, Germany. In a unique way they combine their experiences and strengths in people management, financials, tools and system, communication and leadership. One vital part of their consulting and coaching services is to merge their joint two decades of corporate experience and their own individual entrepreneurial journey to provide customized coachings, seminars and workshops to companies in pursuit to fulfil their mission to make teams successful, efficient and motivated. Additionally MaL!sh offers internationalization and expatriate services to both companies and individuals coming to Germany or expanding to Russia, Brazil, Egypt, North America and others.
This year MaL!sh launched their first coaching programme: Compagneur - which helps employees and entrepreneurs to reach their individual career and business goals. The services range from career planning, CV check, salary negotiation skills (for employees) to business strategy, business plan, sales & marketing and market entry strategy (for entrepreneurs) or offers guidance for people in transition from one to the other “world”. The word Compagneur is a mix of the term company and entrepreneur, where the founders bundle their strengths from both worlds. Apart from the personalized coaching programme, Compagneur is also a networking platform, a hashtag for individuals believing in coexistence of both worlds and an academic and business campus.
Since October 2018, Maike & Lilli are the directors of the first Global Woman Club in Frankfurt, Germany and have turned the German networking scene in Frankfurt upside down. They are the only directors double-team and passionate about bringing women from all walks of life together. In order to offer this unique networking experience to both employees and self-employed, Maike and Lilli have initiated the first After Work for Compagneurs in the Global Woman network.
Independence, empowerment, strength of purpose– these are the keywords describing Lilli best. On her journey, she had the luck to meet people who mentored and supported her- teachers in school, supervisors and seniors in her business life empowering her to take leadership roles, progress with her career plans and become a mentor herself.
She was born in the middle of nowhere in a very small village in Siberia and migrated to Germany at the age of 7. Growing up between two cultures has been one of her greatest assets guiding her path. At the age of 23 Lilli was promoted as the first female Customer Service team leader within her former company. She is passionate about leading people, teams and projects internationally. Her ability to motivate and encourage helped her and others to go the extra mile for professional and personal success.
By providing new processes, tools and structures and to see how they are implemented by the teams makes Lilli always go above the standard. By using her professional know-how she is targeting the best results for her people, customers, stakeholders and herself. Lilli always stays creative, curious, flexible and innovative. She challenges her and other on the way how work is done.
Various successful international projects, where Lilli could implement new tools, build teams and achieve significant growth, developed her to a great coach, leader, Business strategist and Sales Manager. To think outside the box without losing the view for the most important helps her to identify great opportunities and make the right decisions.
Born and raised in Germany, Maike discovered her love for other countries, cultures and languages at an early age and has since made it her mission to study new countries and languages and change her life on a regular basis. Her international endeavours took her first to student exchanges to Australia and Canada and later during her studies of international business to Egypt, Ireland and Brazil. With four business degrees from three countries and as author of the book “Regional Multinationals”, as well as with her entrepreneurial family background and corporate experience in finance, pricing, analytics, tools and systems, Maike is able to merge academic with practical approaches in a unique fashion.
During her corporate career she helped design, develop, test, implement, introduce and support tools, travelling worldwide to conduct workshops and trainings to empower and ensure processes.
It is easy for her to see connections in a wide variety of topics and to draw conclusions, think of solutions and start implementing them. As she is an open, communicative person, a good listener with a great deal of empathy and trust in others, she helps to install that feeling in others, so they can develop themselves.
Maike’s character traits of openness, flexibility and adaptability make her easy to adapt to changes in her environment, staying true to her values, fighting for herself, her life and health and others.
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