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Maaike is an International Speaker and the Founder of the Institute for Personal Energy where she  combines all her skills and experience as certified health and wellness/energy coach, Touch4Health instructor, mentor, coach, and teacher of the “A Wellness Revolution''. Maaike teaches coaches-to- be, both worldwide online and live in Amsterdam, how to reprogram their clients for better results. 
She is also a Color-, Nutrition-, and Emotional Stress Release Therapist.
Maaike is from the Netherlands and has worked both there and abroad, but returned to Amsterdam
in 1997 where she and her husband raised their 3 children. She developed Your Energy Survival Kit  for adults, to help her clients access a higher quality of life, increase productivity, reduce the risk of burn-out and sick leave.
Maaike believes children are increasingly under pressure and for them she has developed Your Easy  Learning and Living Kit, which she teaches in schools. 
She is on a mission to help people boost their energy, lower their stress levels and regain their crucial  balance with simple but powerful tools that can be used in just a few minutes, anyplace, anytime. 

Maaike has also had the privilege of being featured in various International Magazines highlighting  her expertise in Energy and Stress Management & Coaching and also been interviewed by AwellnessRevolution about her expertise on stress & energy management and re-programming. 

Maaike says she runs her own practice, helping her clients release deep traumas as she is living her  great passion for helping people regain their optimal mental and physical health, after whatever life has challenged them with.
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