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Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk
Co-Founder/President of The Memnosyne Institute and The John Philp Thompson Foundation- USA
Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk , the Co-Founder/President of The Memnosyne Institute and The John Philp Thompson Foundation, is a frequently requested international speaker, (having spoken at the United Nations several times, the Cordoba Initiative, STEP Global Congress, NEXUS Youth Summit, the House of Lords, White House, TEDx Tullum, etc.), mediator, (including negotiating the first alliance/treaty in 300 years between the Hopi and Navajo Nations), she is a collected and award winning sculptor, including recognition from the Buckminster Fuller Institute as being the first artist to invert the geodesic dome to create the human figure), and a board member for several organizations. 

YPO’s Real Leaders Magazine recognized her as a “Real Young Leader to watch on the international scene, and she has been on the cover of other publications including London’s “Global Woman”, “Mujer USA”, “Femme International”, Argentina’s “Revista La Auténtica”, Belgium’s/Spain’s “Business Fit Magzine”, “Forbes Mexico” and will be on the cover of Texas’ “I Am Latino” magazine in April 2018. 

Through The Memnosyne Institute, she and her husband, Joshua, have supported programs around the world focused on empowering humanity to address the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world – leading them both to be identified by three-time-nominated-Nobel-Peace-Prize Dr. Ervin Laszlo as two of the “21st Century Visionary Thinkers” leading innovative humanitarianism for their “social acupuncture” model. The organization includes three chapters – one in Israel/Palestine, one in Japan and one in Mexico. The Mexico initiatives include cultural centers for the Tolteca people of Teotihuacan and the Maya in the Yucatan. 

In 2018, the first prototype for the organization’s “School Out of A Box” initiative aimed at providing high school and university education to the poorest regions of the world will be launched on the Mayan cultural center campus, Raxalaj Mayab, and is planned to be located around the globe. She has contributed chapters to multiple published books including, “Developing A Global Agenda: Expert Insight from the inaugural STEP Global Congress” collected by STEP, “Sparks of Genius: Powerful Sparks of Creative Insight from 100+ Global Thought Leaders” collected by Julie Ann Turner, and most recently contributed the USA portion of Mirela Sula’s newest book titled, “50 Inspiring Voices of Migrant Women” addressing the current human rights challenges of immigrant women in the USA. 

She helped mediate between Barbara Marx Hubbard and Dr. Don Edward Beck to bring their life’s work together to help provide the basis for engineers to address the interconnections between social, economic, environmental influences on the SDG’s via the creation of a vital Signs Monitor that The Memnosyne Institute is leading the formation of via establishing Planetary Indaba, a B-corp. The hope is for the resulting technology to be made accessible to the public through the Memnosyne Campus for Humanity in Dallas, Texas as well as serving those addressing the SDG’s at the United Nations. 

Currently, she is working on two books: one, “Southland”, is about three generations of her family’s social/environmental activism and the other, on the “Social Acupuncture” process, is being written with Thomas Johns and Juan Carlos Kaiten. 

She will be co-hosting the 2nd Humanitarian Innovation Summit” at the UN in June. Her most recent regional goals include working with Rev. William Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign, hoping to establish Eco-Eco, a B-corp, with her collaborating partner, Tania Arrayales Rodriguez, aimed at creating economically feasible ecologically responsible homes for the lower tax bracket within the state of Texas and launching the Memnosyne Institute’s Campus for Humanity in Dallas, Texas.
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