Global Woman Entrepreneur Award


Melanie is a German entrepreneur, multiple prize winner, lecturer and key note speaker. She is a self-made entrepreneur, coach, author (focus topics business, leadership and innovation) and the organiser of the international career fair “women & work”.

Her greatest achievement is the career fair “Women&Work” which she has been hosting for the past 8 years – designed for women who “are looking for a top employer after graduation, after parental leave or if they are considering a job change“. This year she transferred the event to the convention centre in Frankfurt, Germany, transformed it into “Europe’s biggest career-fair for ambitious women”, welcomed 7000 women, over 100 companies, 100 coaches and speaker, cosmopolitan Germany, offered numerous panel discussions and lectures, career talks, a career- and leadership-Lounge, career-mentoring, speed-coaching, slam sessions and gives three awards for great inventions – ALL absolutely FREE of charge.



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