Message from Ervin Laszlo

‘This Summit can issue a clarion call to every woman on the globe to recognise her real endowment, her true potential, and potentials and wake up’.


This Global Woman Summit comes at the right time and can be the fulcrum for a critical turning point in history.

We are at a point of bifurcation – a crucial tipping point. We either break through to a more sustainable and humane civilisation, or break down and risk conflict and violence leading to human extinction – and even to the extinction of all higher forms of life on the planet.

The transformation we need is from the typically masculine world of “everyone out for himself, because it’s a jungle out there and only the strongest and most resourceful survives” to dedication to creating a true community of all living beings, guided and promoted by the living species that has the currently most evolved form of consciousness: the homo (who is hopefully truly) sapiens.

Among humans, the one half of the species that is the most qualified and, it appears even predisposed, to lead this transformation is the feminine half: women of all ages in all cultures. Every woman on the planet needs now to become a global, a cosmic woman: an inspired and inspiring leader of the transformation we need from hunters to communicators, and from self-concerned individualists to true member of a community, where every human “communes” with every other, and with nature.

The positive future of humankind is a global-woman led future, where women everywhere are putting to work their natural disposition to care, to communicate, and to create family—not just a local, but a global family. We are all members of a family, because we are all humans: a crucial element of all life in this corner of the universe. Women know this and can act on it.

This Summit can issue a clarion call to every woman on the globe to recognise her real endowment, her true potential,  and potentials and wake up. Speaking for all enlightened members of the “other half” of humanity, I want to say: we men, who recognise the situation in which we find ourselves, and the need for action and for transformation, we are ready to put to work the feminine part of our personality — what the great psychologist Carl Jung called the “anima” — and join women in the realisation of the great task they are called upon to undertake. They can do it, and together we can surely do it. Let us then wake up — AND DO IT!