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Mona Tenjo
 CEO of RespectStrategy, Business Growth Expert, Entrepreneur, Author
Mona Tenjo is a Business Growth Expert who consults businesses all other the world on how to generate sustainable business growth. She gained more than 15 years of hands-on experience as Consultant and worked with some of the largest companies in the world. Throughout her career, she successfully trained and coached more than 50 different nationalities in more than 16 countries.

Mona designs success strategies for her clients, crafts practicable action plans and helps your team to implement them. Thriving in business means to her, being successful in what you do and having enough time to invest in your personal growth, in your family and in your business. However, managing such endeavors requires the ability to delegate, to optimize and to focus constantly.

Mona is a passionate problem solver with an innate ability to transform businesses. As the CEO of RespectStrategy, a strategic management consulting firm, Mona opens her network to her clients & applies her signature holistic approach to get the result your company has always dreamed of.

As a regular contributor for business magazines, she shares her insights with a worldwide audience.

Additionally, Mona has a heart for young professionals and trains them for professional success right from the start. She designed onboarding programs for new hires that successfully allowed to onboard more than double the amount of new hires in half the overall time with significantly less efforts for each individual trainer – with astonishing results in terms of quality, employee retention and client satisfaction.

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