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Monique Dekker
Eigenaar at Total Presence Academy- Netherlands
Monique Dekker is a speaker, coach and trainerin self-leadership and visibility. 
She is using her past and experiences to help woman really become the leader in their own life, so that they choose with conviction how, when and where to get what they need to succeed, personal and professionally.

Having experienced a childhood of bulling and beating at school, she moved to the Netherlands at a the age of 17 to start a new life. But overcoming the difficulties as a foreigner in a strange land and a different culture was the least of the her challenges in the past 30 years.

Having dealt with abuse at school and on the other hand a mom who always pushed her to be better and stronger, she struggled to find an answer to the well-known questions: Who am I, what are my abilities.

As she became older, she hid behind her mask, portraying a strong woman on the onside who never needed anyone and never showed how she really felt on the inside. People often referred to her as confident, some referred to her as haughty and unapproachable.

After a successful career as a manager within different financial departments for over 20 years, her life drastically changed overnight. At the age of 42 she had a stroke and was half paralyzed. Her life as she knew it was over. While recovering for 18 months, she promised herself two things. 1. Never again would she do something that didn’t make her happy and 2.It wasn’t going to be over until she said so.

According to Monique. the stroke along with the full recovery, was a huge game-changer. This led her to change her perspective on who was really in charge of the way her life went. She allowed herself to step up and use the skills and talents that she had been using for over 20 years without realizing the impact she already made in so many lives.

So she has made it her mission to help and guide women to take charge of their life, to know and embrace themselves and experience the freedom of allowing themselves to be who they really are. And in that process, stepping up, taking action and getting what they need to succeed, whether it is developing their skills and talents or asking for help.
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