Natasha Necati
Director of Crafty Arts


Natasha has a passion to see individuals succeed be it in business, life goals or just stepping out of the box and stepping up to the challenge of life. She runs multiple businesses with her husband and she loves the excitement of business. Being able to build strategies and putting processes in place. Sharing the tips and strategies that she have learnt along the way that has got her to where she is today. Tools that has helped grown her business to become a multimillion pound business.

She enjoys speaking to women, entrepreneurs and young people alike. Over the last 10 years she have suffered with infertility and then she went on to have 8 miscarriages. But she decided this wouldn’t break her or allow it to define her and her character, but she could use her experiences and what she has learnt over the years to grow and succeed.It is terrible what she had to go through, but she still standing strong and still smiling as according to her, nothing that you have experienced in life should be wasted, be it good or bad. Therefore she uses the experiences that she had to learn along the way, and she utilises them for good and show people how to use their experiences be it large or small to make a difference in their lives.

She is a business women passionate in every area of what she does and she is not afraid of hard work as she strives to be the best. She enjoys sharing her experiences both life and business for tools for others to grow and succeed. She is a true believer that anyone is limitless and that it’s all achievable. We just need to be willing to take those steps to make it happen in our lives.No matter where you are in life, it can be seen as a starting point to where you need to and want to be. You have to make the first and second step. You have to start somewhere.So lets start together!  

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