Rayla Allertsen
Global Educator, Author, International Speaker, and Green Entrepreneur


She is the Founder and C.E.O. of Global Educator U, an empowering life-prep hybrid* platform for children and youth and mothers to discover self-mastery and worth, leadership, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, and environmental responsibility. Global Educator U is a fusion of online and in-person programs creating bridges across geographies. 

The first offerings are:
- The I Can Read Series (ICRS), beginning reading books she and her mother wrote
- Signature Courses & selective consultancies: MAKE M.E.* HAPPEN (*My Empowerment, My Economy, My Environment) to Get Yourself Finally Safe and Financially Strong.
- e-Forest, Web 3 play-to-earn game with a strong advocacy to protect the forest.
- Co-Founder and President of the I AM S.A.M. Foundation, inc. focusing on Self-Worth through The I AM S.A.M. Protocol & the U.N. S.D.G.s
- Regional Director, Global Woman Club Manila
- Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching and Timeline Therapy by the American Board of NLP

Rayla keynotes on the Empowerment of Women & Children, Leadership, Self-Worth, Entrepreneurship & the Environment. She has spoken at the UNICEF UK, U.N. (N.Y.), UN Geneva Conferences, the Global Business and Investment Forum, The Global Education Summit, The Success Women Conference (U.S.A.), The Global Woman Summit, and socio-civic organizations.

Rayla is a Director of Proactive Resources, Inc., providing sustainable solutions for water, wastewater treatment & digital monitoring, and clean energy.

Rayla cites some awards and recognition aligned with her beliefs and values:
Global Woman Awards 2019: Inspirational Woman (London, UK); 
World Women Leadership Congress 2019 Woman Leadership Award (New Delhi, India);
Global Educator Award (2013-2014) at the U.N. and Mother Legacy Project Award (UN Geneva) in 2013.

Rayla is finally living happily ever after with her husband, Buster Allertsen, knowing:
“the greatest secret of success and happiness is making other people become successful and happy.”

“I AM are two of the most powerful words for what you put after them becomes M.E., My Empowerment, My Economy, My Environment.”; and
“The world is changed by what we do, not by what we say” (Rayla Allertsen).
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