Natasha Grano
Million-follower Instagram Influencer


Natasha Grano is a motivational speaker, author, social media expert and film producer. Previously focusing on capturing the digital world, creating a personal brand, and amassing over 1 million followers across social media platforms, Natasha then moved into a new chapter in her life. Through cultivating all her universal knowledge passed down through many centuries and her motivational skillset, she now gives these gifts to you. 

Natasha is on a mission to mentor and help draw the full potential out of people, with the promise that positivity, proactiveness and heart felt passion in whatever it is you’re doing is a sure way to get the very best out of life. She has used her platform to sign a record deal and Co-Produce a high budget film currently in production. Drawing on her experiences, while using her extensive network to support her passion for bringing like minded creative individuals together. 

Natasha’s first book was released in March 2020 called The Action Plan. In this book Natasha shows you how to live the life you’ve been dreaming of immediately. You will be equipped with the tools for success, wealth, perfect health, happiness, love—anything you can think of. Once you begin reading this book, you will be in the right mindset to start achieving. Natasha’s life purpose she feels is to give the gift of knowledge of how to help cure you of any possible illness, lack of purpose, depression, self-sabotage—anything that negatively affects you—in the same way she cured herself first. This book is the shortcut to your perfect life.
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