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Rosanne van Zalingen
Founder of BoostExperience BV
Rosanne envisions a world where we can empower people in such a way that they are much better able to interact not only with themselves, but also with their environment and the planet. To make the world a better place she wants to start with entrepeneurs and guide them to use Natural Leadership as their foundation from which they empower others. Empowering starts from the heart (the core) and together we are able to create a world of ‘We’ in stead of just ‘Me’. Her ultimate purpose is to make it possible with these natural leaders to empower children, both in the Netherlands and everywhere around the world, so that they can grow on an emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and relationship level.

Rosanne is an adventurer, a visionary, who wants to build bridges between different worlds in an active and loving way. She is a true believer in turning ideas into reality. 

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