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Sandra Wigren
Personal Trainer at Soulfitness.se- Sweden
Sandra Wigren is a professional clown and fire performer who used to work as a TV presenter.Then a huge nature catastrophe came and swept everything away. Not only did she survive the Tsunami in Khao Lak Thailand 2004, but the Tsunami that hit her life after that is the true survival.
From a successful TV career,she was suddenly caught in a devastating and fast downward spiral that erased everything from her life. Within a year,she lost her job, her home and had huge debts. Here started a new survival, through long hospital stays, wrong diagnostics, post traumatic stress, alcohol, drugs, prostitution and attempted suicides.

After five years of struggle and immigration from Sweden, and the pain of leaving her 5 years old son behind, Sandra returned and slowly started to build herself up again from scratch.Here is when her company Soul Fitness was born.
Falling through a roof and climbing to the top of a palm tree in the Tsunami to save her life, gave birth to a huge respect for the physical capacity and how crucial it can become. Sandra studied to become an international personal trainer with the concept of ’fit from within’. Today her company, SoulFitness, is well established, and her public speaking tour- ’From Pain to Power’ is taking part worldwide.

As a public speaker, Sandra is a totally fearless person who dares to be completely open with her story. With much humour, joy and energy, she communicates her insights into life. Through her expressive and self-reliant manner, she leaves no one unconcerned.

“Sandra leaves no one untouched, through the ability to showcase others’ joy in life, transparency and daring to be stripped. She is able to see their qualities and dares them to live more, to get out of everyday life and see life in a broader perspective”. - Swedish Public speaking agency

Sandra is still working as a professional clown and fire-performer, which she has done for 25 years and she loves to integrate with people’s inner child.She also works a lot with children and with suicidal teenagers, helping them to find life again and to build up a strong future.
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