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Sharon Mcloughlin
Speaker and Entrepreneur – Sweden
Sharon Mcloughlin is a Speaker and Entrepreneur based in Sweden. Her story is from an abused broken woman, to taking herself out and up to being whole again on a personal growth and as a very successful business woman.She share her “WHY” with you as below:

My “why”! Before I was “working to live” even though I was what appeared to be an successful entrepreneur/biz owner, (I always knew I never wanted to be employed as a child, and build someone else’s dream, and make them rich although I’d never seen or been shown any other way or a different opportunity from those around me as that’s what most people do, work to live! And are expected to be employees).

The reality of having my own biz “homestylingsthlm” was as most entrepreneurs, especially in Sweden, is that “overheads kill you” after all the costs incurred it’s was a very low wage in the end…I just believed that there must be an easier way to make money🤔 so after my biz and the worlds Nr 1 wealth coach #jtfoxx told me to get rid of my biz cos I’d never make money doing it(which I knew anyway, but Its always easier to hear it from a real pro, yet it was hard to digest cos I’d built up my biz for 7years), he challenged me and said “I believe in you”…if you jump with me I will handhold you and teach you to fly, so I jumped with him and soared into the unknown…did as he told me, got rid of my biz, never looked back since August 2017 and it’s now April 2018…did a few events with #jtfoxx and at one of them I met a lady called @sannalyohlson who apparently saw something in me that I didn’t see myself, she says she saw me and thought, hmmm🤔 I think that lady is amazing and I want her on my team?? What or why she believed that I didn’t understand but do now, she saw a huge potential in me which I could never have seen in myself without her persistency, she kinda wouldn’t let go or give up on me, a little annoying actually when I just wanted to be “a victim” and wallow in “self-pity”, moan to my friends etc…
Sanna, after literally babysitting me for 3 days, coming to my home, forcing me to get out of bed, making me doing all the basic things, shower, pay my bills, etc…also gave me some health products to eat, they gave me ‘näring’ and helped me start to rise.

She then introduced me and showed me her business and the biz concept…I understood directly “this is going to be big” and I want to be eating all this stuff that’s started making ME feel better and that I could recommend them to others and also make a little money doing so, and also eventually ALOT of money doing so…not everyone understands this “opportunity” at first but I could see it😍

I started part time in September just recommending it and that worked as people had seen that I was up and running again, enthused and energetic, passionate and alive again..

At the end of Feb 2018 Sanna asked me if I really wanted to be on the Zija ship that was about to really be launched I wanted to answer straight away, but she said NO, think about it, sleep on it and Think about your WHY..
I phoned her in the morning and said very sincerely, hands on heart “Sanna I want this!”…MY WHY was big enough,I’d thought about it half of the night..
I Want to build and secure a good life for me and my children (and my Mom and Dad!), FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE..
AND…I want to show those who tried to break me down, didn’t believe in me and caused me pain..

#moneytalks..that’s a fact..
The team is my family, they are incredible and were growing each day (personal growth plus the growth with the new team members coming on board each day) they are all people who have also figured out that they also have a “WHY” too…that’s what DRIVES US upwards and forwards, handholding and believing in eachother and building our dreams together, lead by Sanna and Tom, who for me are 2 of the most loving, authentic, driven, LEADERS I’ve ever met in my “whole” life…what they do and give to the team with their “mentorship” and “coaching” is “transforming” people’s lives in the team…#ZIJANATION 💖
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