Trevor Clarke
Director of Development - Global Woman


Trevor entered this world just a stone’s throw from Hampton Court Palace in England and has lived in suburbs of London for most of his life. He has a background in business development, working with companies to upskill their managers and leaders for improved business performance, through professional and personal development programmes, coaching, character profiling, behavioural analysis, and workshops.
Trevor gained a great insight into the patterns that make for a successful business, the strengths, weaknesses, and the importance of human interaction, behaviour and communication for achieving the best results, while working for the commercial arm of two UK universities, Coventry University and University of Hertfordshire.
Trevor started working part-time as a sub editor in March 2014, firstly for Migrant Woman magazine, and then after coming up with the idea to change the name to Global Woman magazine, it then evolved into event management for Migrant Woman and Global Woman events, and many other things besides in helping to grow a startup business founded by Mirela Sula. Trevor has edited two books, Phenomenal Global Women, published in October 2017 and now renamed ‘Women of the New Paradigm’ for publishing by Waterside in the US, and 50 voices of Migrant Women, part one to be published in early December 2017.
Alongside this, he writes or edits a lot of content for the marketing side, events and the website, helps with sales and marketing, creates the policies and contracts, has managed a number of events for Global Woman and has also been the MC or co MC at some of them, including the Global Woman Summit in Tirana Albania in June 2017 and New York in July 2018. Trevor was Event Director for the prestigious Inspiration Awards for Women in London, on 08 September 2017, a collaboration with Global Woman magazine.
Trevor has been instrumental in the processes, growth, development and coordination of Global Woman Club, working with all of the regional directors, which has grown to 24 clubs in 16 cities by the end of 2018 and more opening during 2019.
In 2019, after delegating some of the tasks as outlined, using his wealth of knowledge and experience, Trevor plans to start up his own business consultancy, initially part-time while still supporting the growth of Global Woman, to provide practical advice and support to start ups and young or struggling businesses, to help take them from the level of surviving to thriving businesses.

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